On arrival, our guests are given a warm and friendly welcome in the reception area, this is a relaxing lounge where it is easy to unwind and feel completely at home.

Here you’ll find all the information you need for your excursions, or about local food and handicraft, and places of interest to visit within the area. A plentiful collection of maps and other material are available at the nearby Tourist Office, Council library and Climbing Hall which also host permanent photo and history exhibitions and temporary displays of local handicraft.

Breakfast Room

The optional buffet breakfast giving you all the energy you need is served in a cosy, quiet room.

Close at hand are a number of restaurants serving good, homemade cooking where you can sample traditional local dishes such as “Seupa a la Valpelenentse” which has been awarded the “Denominazione Comunale di Origine”, a mark guaranteeing the high quality of a dish made from a traditional local recipe.